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A Bullet for Savio - Original Sound Track Recording
April, 29, 2024

Recorded in Portland OR and Anacortes WA

Music written and performed by Nathaniel Chace Ashley

Additional musicians:

Maria Collinsworth - Vocals

Cory Gray - Horns

Rachel Zeile - Oboe

Karl Blau - Vocals

Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion

Art by N. C. Ashley
(Left-Handed Label)


Recorded over three years in Portland OR and Anacortes WA, A Bullet for Savio is the fourth imaginary soundtrack by Nate Ashley. While seated in the saddle of late '60s spaghetti westerns, this album explores new musical territories accompanied with an arsenal of whips and whistles one would hope to find before riding off into the sunset to operatic vocals.

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