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The Darker Corners
Of Your Heart 
March 18, 2003 
Left-Handed Label

Recorded in the bedrooms of Anacortes WA, Olympia WA,
and Pueblo CO.

Additional musicians:
Alexa DiSalvo, Jacob Navarro,
Rebecca Pearcy, and Jeremy Loomis-Norris.


Nate’s been creating dark and dreamy pop for some time now and his latest album just pushes his sexy and sensual envelope a little further. In fact, Nate might be the only guy who can claim a sexy music title and not come off corny at all for it. You listen to this album and the songs bathe over you like a long-lost lover coming back to hold you again. “The Will of Water” is achingly hot to the point of breaking and “Billy, Bonnie, & Butch” casts an outlaw tale that is not to be missed. The whole affair is strange, surreal, and one way to spend a hell of an evening. So turn down the lights and let Nate Ashley play on.

- Jason Thompson, Pop Matters

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